Get your undies on!

Underwear has become an important fashion item in everybody’s wardrobe. It acquired “pop culture” status once super-models and celebrities started sporting them publicly. MARCELL VON BERLIN knows: More than ever, having a sexy pair of undies is a must!

Time to celebrate!

The Berlin and Los Angeles based designer Marcell Pustul recently hosted a launch party around the new MARCELL VON BERLIN underwear collection at the La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood, California. Everyone in attendance was given a preview of the silhouettes and prints now available in stores – ultimately allowing them to decide for themselves if underwear could be their first or final layer.

Panties and bras are the new eyecatcher

The collection’s fusion between streetwear and sportwear strives to give both men and women the ability to feel sexy in their own skin, while at the same time providing the functionality needed in a quality pair of undergarments. Panties, bras, and men’s briefs are available in classic black and white color or in a playful camo print.

“Inspiration for these pieces was drawn from vintage underwear,” begins the designer, Marcell Pustul. “Looking at past shapes, forms and fits, I added my personal touches. I aimed for making the overall look modern, sporty and chic. I also loved incorporating a playful element into the design with the inclusion of the camouflage pattern,” concluded the designer when speaking about his most recent fashion endeavor.

Pick your favorite piece and show it off! The underwear collection is now available at the MARCELL VON BERLIN flagship stores in Berlin and Los Angeles.

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