MARCELL VON BERLIN COUTURE #5 Collection: Celebrate glamorous times!

The Couture #5 Collection exists as an homage to the decade of glamour and disco.

With thoughtful designs, delicate cuts, and dramatic details, the collection celebrates the zeitgeist of the bygone era. In this collection, designer Marcell Pustul presents his first couture line for men alongside floor-length gowns and overalls for women. This line promises to leave a breathtaking impression while staying true to the brand’s signature style. Embroidered orchids with a feminine touch flirt with masculine metallic anthuriums in gold and silver. It’s a subtle but bold expression of sexual freedom, and one that defines new boundaries within MARCELL VON BERLIN’s designs.

As the muse behind the collection, Teri Hatcher lent her timeless glamour and modern aesthetics to MARCELL VON BERLIN’s latest line. The actress, writer, singer, and femme-fatale is known for her elegant grace, which helped shape the Couture #5 Collection’s striking pieces.

The MARCELL VON BERLIN Couture #5 Collection was released in February 2020, and is now available for purchase at designer label’s flagship stores in Berlin and Los Angeles.

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